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Rare Carnival Glass

Assiettes 9" Verre Carnaval

Thistle Bleu, Three Fruits Stipled Aqua Opal,

Lotus & Grape Verte et Peacocks Stipled Mauve

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Red Aqua Opal Carnival Glass

Orange Tree Bowl Red Elk Bowl 1911 Leaf & Beads aqua opal

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We buy rare Carnival glass

We are always looking for carnival glass plates, pitchers, punch bowls, etc.. Carnival glass was introduced early last century to imitate the glassworks of art at the time, especially Tiffany and Loetz. The main feature of carnival glass is its gleam. It is actually glass block. The main attribute is the shimmering colour glass with the exception of carnival glass  of emerald and electrical characteristics of a shimmering blue entirely. The most common color is marigold (orange).

Our expertise and our established customer base allows us to give you more money for your carnival glass. We travel within the Greater Montreal area (Montreal, Laval and South Shore). We buy from antique collectors and dealers. We also buy directly from individuals and pay very good prices. For large collections or for exceptional items, please contact us if you do not live in the greater Montreal area, we will travel to Quebec and Ontario.


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Aqua Opal Carnival Glass
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We pay very good prices for your antiques and Carnival glass.

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